Sunday, April 22, 2012

Healing Your Church Hurt Book Giveaway

            Have you or someone you have known suffered from Church hurt? Have you felt rejected or looked down upon them that are your brothers and sisters in Christ? Has a Pastor, Elder, or Deacon/Deaconess said something about you that you felt was untrue, or not in love or kindness.  The truth of the matter is we live in a fallen world, and even those who mean well will at times hurt us.  95% of the time this is unintentional.  I myself have experienced Church hurt in the sense of people who I held in high esteem went so far as to questions my salvation, not to me, but to my father.  Yet, even today do I hold this over these godly men? The answer is, No. 

            In his book, Healing Your Church Hurt, Stephen Mansfield addresses the issue of Church hurt, and what should be our response to it.  I hope you all had a chance to read my review of this great book.  Now I have something I want to announce.  As part of the blog tour I was given the ability to give away one copy of this book.  Others who I have shared my review with have known others who might benefit from reading this book.  So now I want to give you the chance to get a copy of this book.

This drawing will end on April 30th, and here are the details.  If you would like a chance to get a free copy of this book please follow these simple steps. 

1.      If you have Google + add and leave a comment for me at  This will give you two entries.
2.      If you have not sent me a friends request at Facebook, add me as a friend and leave a comment.  This will give you two entries.
3.      If you are not following my blog become a follower or subscribe to the blog at  This will get you one entry.
4.      You can also follow the Emery Family Blog at  This will get you one entry.
5.      Go to the book review of Healing Your Church Hurt and leave a comment.  This will give you one entry.
6.      Share the book review on the social media of your choice, the more media sources you share the more points you will earn, and then send me a link to your share so I can verify.  Points will be based off verification.
7.      Do you blog? Then connect your blogs to mine using Network Blogs.  This will give you one entry.
I look forward to sharing future contests with you. 

In Christ,
Paul Emery

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