Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Giveaway Reminder! Win a Copy of Night of the Living Dead Christian

Have you had a chance to check out the newest book review “Night of the Living Dead Christian” at the Emery family blog or Biblically Born Again?  Thanks to Tyndale Publishers and Matt Mikalatos the Emery family blog and Biblically Born Again are giving away a free copy of Matt’s newest book.

            If you are interested in gaining some entries for this book the process is simple.  Become a follower of Biblically Born Again or the Emery family blog and earn 10 entries.  Tell your friends about the giveaway by posting a link or posting about the giveaway on your blog for 5 entries.  Are you into the newest social networking through Google Plus.  Give us a +1 and share us with you circles on Google Plus for 1 additional entry for each of those.  Do you tweet? Send out a tweet regarding the giveaway or book review for an additional entry.  Like the giveaway on Facebook and share it with your friends for two more entries.  As you see you can easily earn 20 entries to win a copy of this book.  All we ask for, for the purpose of confirmation, is comments sent to either of the blogs.

            Contest ends on December 22 so there is still time to get your entries.  Happy monster hunting to you all, and see you on the blogosphere.

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